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The feed is not updating automatically

If a feed isn’t displaying recent Instagram updates, whether from your account or even from a tagged post or hashtag feed, it usually involves needing to reconnect your Instagram account or a problem with the WordPress cron system.

Your access token has expired #

This may occur occasionally. For Instagram Personal accounts, the access token is automatically regenerated. However, this automatic regeneration is not permitted for Instagram Business accounts. Consequently, the access tokens for Business accounts expire approximately every three months. A reminder notification is displayed on your website’s Dashboard, prompting you to reconnect your account.

Please refer to : How to reconnect your Instagram account

Cron issues #

Cron is used by WordPress to schedule and execute small tasks throughout the site. It is usually activated by site visits, so you should first verify if your website has consistent traffic. If your site is relatively new, a low visitor count could mean the WordPress cron system isn’t updating as it should.

To determine if this is the issue, consider installing the WP Crontrol plugin. This plugin lets you manage and view your cron jobs via the WordPress admin dashboard by navigating to Tools > Cron Events.

On this page, be attentive to any error messages that may appear. Such errors might suggest that your hosting service has deactivated the cron feature, perhaps due to performance or security concerns. If so, it’s advisable to contact your hosting provider for assistance, as Inavii Social Feed relies on WordPress cron for its updates.

If there are no evident errors, the next step is to check for any missing hooks in your cron setup. A useful guide is available to help you address any such issues here

Should there be no errors or missing hooks, please reach out to us with a screenshot of the Cron Events page. We will review it to identify any potential issues before moving forward.

Collaborative Posts #

If your posts are still not updating automatically, the cause might be Collab posts.

Updated on 14 May 2024
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