App Privacy Policy

1. Data Collection and Storage

At Inavii Social Feed, your privacy is a priority.

Our plugin operates and is hosted directly on your WordPress site, which means we do not collect or store any data from your Instagram or Facebook accounts, in accordance with Facebook’s Platform Terms (Platform Terms 3 (e)). Any data stored on your WordPress site is only what you have chosen to share with us. You can permanently and immediately delete all platform data at any time by using the “Delete All Platform Data” option available in the settings panel. Additionally, you have the option to remove data by uninstalling the plugin at any time. We do not transmit any platform data to ourselves or any third parties.

2. Types of Data Processed

When using our plugin to connect with Facebook or Instagram, the following data is retrieved from their platform and processed by the plugin:

  • The name and profile picture of your account.
  • A list of Facebook pages or Instagram profiles you manage.
  • An access token for your Facebook or Instagram account.
  • Information published on the Facebook page or Instagram profile you choose to connect through the plugin, including posts, photos, videos, and other similar content published by you or others.

3. Purpose of Data Processing

The data listed in section 2 is processed for the following purposes:

  • Your name and profile picture are used in the plugin to provide a personalized experience.
  • The list of Facebook pages and Instagram profiles allows you to choose which pages or profiles you want to integrate with the plugin.
  • The access token for your account is used to connect with the Facebook or Instagram API, enabling the retrieval of content for the selected page or profile. The access token has the permissions set during the authentication process.
  • Information from your Facebook page or Instagram profile is used to display your feed and ensure the proper functioning of the plugin.

4. Permission Model: Granting Minimal Access

The plugin is designed to be “read-only,” which means it cannot post or edit any data on the Instagram/Facebook platform. The plugin can only display the content of your Instagram/Facebook account and cannot publish on these platforms or access your account in any way other than “read-only.” It does not allow liking or commenting on content, editing or deleting photos, or performing any other actions permitted by the Instagram/Facebook platform.

5. Deleting Platform Data

You can permanently delete all platform data at any time by using the “Delete all platform data” option available in the Global Settings panel of the WordPress plugin. Additionally, data can be removed by uninstalling the plugin.

6. Third-Party APIs

Our products integrate with various third-party APIs, such as those from Facebook and Instagram. Any data retrieved through these APIs is strictly confined to the site where our products are installed. This data is stored in the database utilized by the site hosting our product.

The Facebook and Instagram APIs used by our products may collect usage data. For more details on how these APIs may collect or use data, you can visit the data policy pages of the respective API providers:

7. Changes to this Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy in the future. If we make a change that we consider significant, we will update this page. By continuing to use the plugin after any changes are made, you agree to comply with the revised Privacy Policy.