The Instagram Feed Plugin for Elementor

Create the ultimate Instagram experience. Add Instagram to your Elementor website in less than 60 seconds. Captivate visitors with custom feeds, beautiful layouts, and no-code design settings.

A woman adding Instagram to her website.


The Essentials plan is a comprehensive tool for anyone who wants to make their Instagram stand out on a website and fully utilize its potential, regardless of the industry or type of business.

Template library

Template Library

Choose from ready-made templates for quick and easy customization, ensuring a cohesive and professional look.

15 layouts

Customize your Instagram to seamlessly match your website’s aesthetic, whether it’s classic, grid, or creative. Select your preferred layout to captivate your visitors with unique content, making it a perfect way to stand out and boost user engagement.

12 layouts.


Showcase photos and videos in a stunning enlarged window with a sleek sidebar displaying Instagram captions and details. Give your visitors an exceptional visual experience that boosts engagement and keeps them on your site longer.

Boost SEO

Boost your search engine visibility (SEO) by incorporating Instagram captions into image alt attributes, which improves indexing and ranking on Google and Bing. Your Instagram galleries automatically update with new posts, keeping your site dynamic and current. Enhanced SEO boosts website traffic, raising the likelihood of gaining Instagram followers and converting visitors into loyal customers.

Boost seo.
Image showing editing in Elementor.

Design Your Unique Look

Fully customize every aspect of your Instagram feed’s appearance to seamlessly match your website’s style. Create a truly unique and engaging design that captivates your audience.

Types of posts

Choose from photos, videos, and carousel albums to perfectly adjust your Instagram feed on your site. Filter posts by type to create a unique and engaging experience for visitors. Sort posts by newest, most popular, or random to customize your feed.

Filter Instagram posts by type.

Rated 5/5 stars

Discover why our users rate us 5/5 stars for excellence in service and satisfaction. Join them in experiencing unparalleled quality and support.

We use the Pro plugin to feed several Instagram accounts to our business websites. The plugin works great and the customer service is very responsive and helpful.


I highly recommend the Inavii Social Feed plugin for integrating your Instagram feed into your WordPress website. It’s incredibly user-friendly, requiring no extensive documentation to connect your account with Instagram and customize it to your needs. With Inavii Social Feed, connecting your Instagram account and displaying it on your website takes just moments…



The PRO plan is ideal for companies needing greater control over content and user interactions, enabling advanced management and promotion


Caption and hashtag filtering allows you to customize your feed efficiently. By filtering posts based on specific phrases or hashtags in the descriptions, you can quickly display or hide content that matches your criteria. This is an ideal tool for adjusting your feed to suit your preferences.

Filter Instagram posts with hashtags placed in captions.
Hide Instagram photos that don't fit your layout.


Moderation allows you to hide posts that do not match the aesthetic of your channel without deleting them from Instagram. Maintain the perfect look of your channel by deciding which content is visible.

Drag and Drop

Allows for easy reorganization of content with the option to lock it in position. Selected posts can remain in a fixed position even when adding new content. Additionally, this feature allows you to highlight specific posts by dragging them into larger boxes. This ensures a personalized layout for your feed while keeping locked content in place.

Rearrange your Instagram posts so your layout looks perfect.
Set custom links in Instagram posts that redirect users to your products.


Promote feature transforms Instagram posts into revenue sources by adding custom links, and directing traffic to product pages or offers. It highlights posts to attract attention and convert it into sales, using innovative ‘promote post’ and ‘drag & drop’ features. This increases visibility and accessibility, making each click a potential conversion.


The All Access Plan is the ideal solution for advanced users and professionals who want to fully leverage Instagram integration, providing complete access to all features.

Tagged Posts

Creating new social media content can be tedious and expensive. Save time and money by leveraging your tagged posts with minimal effort. Your followers tag you on Instagram because they love you and your products; reciprocate by showcasing their posts on your website. This creates awareness, fosters a sense of community, and helps you reach a wider audience. The more people tag and interact with you, the wider your reach becomes.

Display Instagram posts in which your account has been tagged.
View Instagram posts by a hashtag that interests you.

Hashtag Posts

Hashtags are powerful tools on Instagram, helping you reach a broad audience. The Hashtag Feed feature showcases public Instagram posts that use specific hashtags. Sharing content with hashtags shows your followers’ dedication, fostering loyalty. Additionally, the Hashtag Feed encourages interaction, motivating users to create content related to your brand and boosting comments, likes, and shares.

Combined Feed

This feature integrates content from various channels and accounts into one place, enhancing efficiency and enriching your followers’ experience with diverse content by merging multiple channels into one cohesive feed.

Display Instagram posts from different accounts and create perfect feeds.