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Connecting an Instagram Account via an Access Token

Beyond merely allowing users to sync their Instagram profiles through direct login, Inavii Social Feed introduces a robust integration via Access Tokens. This approach upholds high-security standards without necessitating the sharing of any Instagram credentials or private details.

This capability proves invaluable for seamlessly integrating a client’s Instagram profile while safeguarding their privacy.

To secure Access Tokens and, if necessary, User IDs for Instagram, clients should utilize the dedicated Access Token Generator provided by Inavii Social Feed. Instruct your clients to access this generator and submit the required Access Token and User ID for incorporation into Inavii Social Feed. For transmission security, we advise employing a trusted encryption-based messaging service, like Onetimesecret, to convey these credentials.

Connecting an Instagram Account Using an Access Token #

  1. During the account linking process, navigate to the “Connect your client’s account” area and select the “Open the Access Token Generator” option to proceed to the token generator.
  1. Input the Access Token you received (created using our Access Token Generator).
  1. You’re good to go. The Instagram account has been successfully linked and now has access to all of Inavii’s functionalities as if you had connected the account directly through Instagram’s login.
Updated on 21 May 2024
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