Instagram on your website.

Choose from a variety of photo layouts

Layout Grid

Layout Grid, which is a classic regular layout of photos. This feed resembles a square puzzle that can be arranged as desired. It’s a clear, simple and aesthetically pleasing way to arrange Instagram posts.

Layout Wave Grid

Layout Wave Grid offers a captivating and unique arrangement. With its mesmerizing wave-like pattern, this layout instantly grabs attention. Each photo seamlessly flows into the next, creating a stunning visual narrative. Add a dynamic and artistic touch to your posts, making your Instagram account truly stand out. Embrace the waves and let your creativity soar with Layout Wave Grid.

Layout Wave

Layout Wave is a captivating and dynamic option for showcasing your Instagram photos. Instead of a traditional grid, it presents your images in a wave-like formation. As the screen width changes, the photos automatically adjust to fit within the screen resolution. This artistic layout adds flair to your feed and provides a visually engaging experience. Ride the wave of creativity with Layout Wave

Layout Highlight Focus

Focus is another variation of the Highlight layout. The main idea is to maximize the focus on the main photo by using twelve surrounding graphics. This layout allows you to create very interesting and highly aesthetic arrangements that can be easily modified.

Layout Highlight Super

Super is a variation of the Highlight layout. This eye-catching layout features four surrounding photos that beautifully frame a central main photo. Elevate your Instagram game with Super and make a lasting impression with every post. Get ready to create stunning visual masterpieces that will leave your followers in awe.

Layout Highlight

Highlight is a unique Instagram layout that you can easily implement on your website, regardless of its type. This widget allows you to highlight specific photos, products or services. The elements surrounding the main photos take advantage of the human tendency to focus the eye on what is highlighted. This is an ideal widget for e-commerce and anyone who wants to highlight elements of their offerings.

Layout Masonry Horizontal

Masonry Horizontal works on the same principle as its vertical equivalent, but, as the name suggests, provides for the use of elements in a horizontal format.

Layout Masonry Vertical

Masonry Vertical allows for flexible use of space and arranging a grid of images. The operation of this feed can be compared to a puzzle, in which rectangular elements are arranged based on free space. Vertical provides for the use of elements in a vertical format.

Layout Slider

Slider is a classic solution that is used on sites of almost any type. The advantage of sliders is their dynamic nature and the fact that the changing images catch the eye. Our editor allows you to conveniently modify the functioning of the slider – you can change the display time, set autoplay and the number of columns and rows.

Layout Gallery

Gallery unlike the grid layout, it eliminates any gaps between images, resulting in a visually cohesive flow. This sleek and professional design captivates viewers and tells your visual story effortlessly. Experience the immersive viewing experience of Layout Gallery and showcase your photos with style.

Layout Row

Row offers a sleek and captivating way to showcase your Instagram photos. With a horizontal arrangement in a single row, it creates a streamlined and visually striking display. This modern layout ensures a focused viewing experience, highlighting each photo with elegance. Stand out and captivate your audience with the simplicity of Layout Row.

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