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Grid layout

Gallery layout

Row layout

Wave layout

Fully responsive on all devices

Popup and lightbox

Unleash unlimited Instagram feeds

Add avatar and follow button

Wave grid layout

Highlight layout

Highlight super layout

Highlight focus layout

Masonry horizontal layout

Masonry vertical layout

Slider layout

Showcase solely images, exclusively videos, or a blend of both types of posts

Show the number of likes, and the count of comments, and display the caption

Complete design personalization

Total command over feed presentation

Drag and Drop

Easily drag and drop Instagram posts into designated areas of the layout

Adjust the order of the posts to match your individual preferences

Take advantage of the ability to create unique compositions by combining Instagram posts in a personalized manner

Merge photos and videos to create visually stunning arrangements that capture attention

Select and statically position in preferred sections of the layout those Instagram posts you wish to highlight. This feature allows for maintaining a fixed position of chosen posts, enhancing their visibility and drawing greater attention from visitors

Filtering & moderation

Show/hide posts containing specific words in their caption

Show/hide posts tagged with particular hashtags in their caption

Show/hide posts based on their type (Image, Video, Carousel Album)

Sort posts by (Like Count, Comment Count, Most Recent First, Oldest First, Random)

Personally select the posts you wish to show or hide


Automatic linking from URLs in captions

Custom link (connect Instagram posts to articles, websites, and more)

Ability to set a unique link text in the popup window for each post

Possibility to set the link to open in a new or the same tab for each post


Automatic notifications email and switching to a cached version in case of a critical issue with the feed

Automatic post updates with the option to customize update frequency