Drag and drop – control your content and bring attention

Each of us has amazing product photos, items, or simply content that we want to highlight on our website.

These exceptional moments, our best offers, or new arrivals need exposure so that visitors to our site can see and remember them. With these needs in mind, we created Inavii Social Feed Pro.
Inavii drag and drop

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Drag and Drop and be inspired!

Have you ever tried to highlight specific posts on your website?
Probably more than once. Unfortunately, Instagram itself doesn’t have these functionalities, but our plugin does, allowing you to showcase those unique and best-suited content for you.
Drag-and-drop feature enables you to select a particular post and place it wherever you want, automatically drawing attention to it and allowing the audience to remember it – isn’t that what today’s world is about?
Being memorable holds paramount value in marketing, sales, or influencer lifestyle. It’s the perfect solution for the demands of today’s world and people – be memorable and gain thousands of viewers today.
Thanks to the feature, you can mark selected posts as ‘pinned’. In short, your post remains pinned whatever new content appears there. It’s the only solution that lets you keep your special posts exactly where you want them, and the audience where they should see them – simple and pleasant, right?
Inavii Social Feed Pro is focused on simple and intuitive solutions that are easy for the user and enjoyable for the viewer.
With the new option drag and drop – you’re opening the door to more than just displaying important content. It’s about gaining an edge over the competition and being unique in the market.
You take a big step forward, gaining control, personalization, and the ability to attract attention. These are key aspects not only important for establishing presence but above all for building the foundation for your brand’s development. It’s these very foundations that turn your site into something more than just another place on the internet.

Try out this feature today and unlock a whole new world of possibilities!

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Just drag and drop, then lock the post to stay in the position you wish.

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