Content features – what they offer?

Extra features on a website or digital platform can provide a range of benefits that go beyond basic content presentation. These features are designed to enhance user experience, improve functionality, and achieve specific goals
Inavii for elementor instagram feed article

See what 'content' options can offer

1. In the Query you have the possibility to adjust a number of your posts for desktop and mobile view.

  • desktop


  • mobile

2. The next really nice feature will allow you to present your posts in two ways:

  • as an overlay – which means you can see the post caption, date, likes and comment count on the front of the card 
  • as a Flip Box – the card will flip to revel the content (below you have an actual Flip Box used from our Inavii for Elementor Social Feed)

3. Layout setting will also help you to change the size of the image from small to large, with just one click

4. A really cool setting on our Inavii for Elementor Instagram Feed is the image click action function. You can choose from:

  • Instagram link – each card will link to Instagram, you have a small switcher that can be used if you wish to view your post in a new window
  • open pop-up – each post will show as a pop-up (with the possibility to go straight to your Instagram account)
  • open Lightbox – each post will show as a lightbox with post information visible on the right-hand side

To remember! Pop-ups can be effective for grabbing a user’s attention and conveying important information or marketing messages.

5. By using the header box functionality that our plugin is offering you, you can:

  • show you avatar
  • show your username
  • show the follow Instagram button
  • change button label

6. Content options allow you to:

  • show a date
  • show a caption
  • show likes count (please note that this option is available for a business Instagram account)
  • show comments count (please note that this option is available for a business Instagram account)

7. Our last extra feature will help you to show the following on the Instagram button. You can also change the button label and change the name.

Simple and easy right?

Do not wait any longer and enjoy our Inavii for Elementor Instagram Feed today!

We are waiting for your feedback – if you have any issues please contact us and we will be able to help you.

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