Filtering and Moderation

In the digital age, content management is key. Our PRO feature transforms this challenge into a simple, automatic task. With the ability to filter posts containing selected words in their descriptions, it provides you with full control over what appears on your site. Eliminate unwanted content and promote those that are consistent with the desired theme and tone of your page.

Smart filtering of content based on hashtags in captions:

The unique feature of filtering hashtags in the descriptions of your posts allows for incredibly precise moderation. This enables more accurate content moderation, allowing only those posts that contain specific hashtags you’ve selected in their descriptions to be displayed. It’s an ideal solution for maintaining consistency and quality of content on your site.

Customize the display of posts according to their type:

Whether you prefer photos, videos, or carousel albums, our plugin gives you full control over the type of content displayed on your site. Choose the format that best suits your marketing strategy and communication style.

Sorting posts for enhanced presentation:

How you present content matters. Our PRO allows you to sort posts by the number of likes, number of comments, from the newest, oldest, or randomly. This gives you flexibility and enables you to present the most engaging or most current content.

Selective choosing of posts for individual presentation:

The highest control over the content presented is now in your hands. Individually select which posts you want to highlight and which to hide, so that every element on your page perfectly aligns with your brand’s image.