Drag and Drop

Open the doors to creating content that will always stand out from the rest. With the Pro version, you step into the field of creative battle with the ability to highlight key posts like never before.

This flexibility in choosing which posts are highlighted and where they are placed not only attracts the attention of visitors but also gives creators full control over the narrative of their brand. The ability to highlight a specific post by dragging it to a larger box allows for strategic exposure of the most important content, which is key to effective marketing communication.

Promotion of products and services:

Transform every Instagram post into a potential revenue source. Add custom links directly to posts to direct traffic straight to product pages or offers. Utilize the power of highlighted posts to attract attention and convert it into sales.

In today’s digital marketing world, the key to success is the effective promotion of products and services. Thanks to our innovative ‘promote post’ and ‘drag & drop’ features, every post on Instagram can become a powerful marketing tool.

What sets our solution apart is the ability to add custom links directly to Instagram posts displayed on your site. Whether you want to direct your customers to an online store, a product page, or a special offer, our plugin makes it possible.

This not only increases the visibility of your offers but also makes them more accessible to customers. With our plugin, every click on a post on your site can become a potential conversion.

As an example, on the right side, you can see a feed with a highlighted “Boost Your Marketing ” post. Copy the promotional code “2024PRO“, click on the post and get a 10% discount on the Pro version of our plugin. This is a great opportunity to test how you can use this powerful marketing tool in practice and increase the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.

Freeze moments that matter:

In the dynamic world of social media, key content often gets lost in the flood of new posts. Our Pro feature brings a solution – it allows for the stabilization and highlighting of the most important moments on your site. Thanks to the post blocking feature, you can ‘freeze’ selected content on your site, ensuring it maintains a permanent place, regardless of what happens on your Instagram feed.

This feature is invaluable for brands and creators who want to maintain the consistency of their visual message. Whether it’s an important announcement, a bestselling product, or a special moment for your brand, you can ensure that these key posts remain in view, attracting the attention and interest of visitors. This tool gives you control over what your followers see first when they visit your site.

Engage, surprise, retain:

Surprise your visitors with unique layouts and highlighted posts that break away from the typical content presentation patterns. Our plugin gives you the tools to highlight what’s most important and create visual stories that are memorable.